Vouchers’ Policy

The vouchers are available on the website www.casatimis.ro, as well as at the reception of Casa Timis restaurant.

The vouchers granted by Casa Timiş have  the amount of 500 RON – 1000 RON – 1500 RON. Also, at the buyer’s request, the vouchers may have a different value than those indicated abovewith the minimum of 500 RON.

The validity of the vouchers is 6 (six) months calculated from the moment they were purchased.

Vouchers purchased online will be emailed within 24 hours after the payment has been completed.

Reservations in order to benefit from the services of the Casa Timiş will be made within maximum 3 (three) months from the moment of purchase of the voucher, the date for which the beneficiary chooses not to be located in time after the expiration of the validity period. After expiration, the voucher becomes null.

Accommodation services for which the voucher holder did not make the reservation within 3 months from the date of purchase of the voucher will be honored within the available seats.

The vouchers may be used by the persons in their possession regarding the services in the Portfolio of Casa Timiş, namely:

  • Accommodation services on the Timiş Estate;
  • Services offered by Restaurant, Terrace and Wine Cellar.

The services found and available at the moment of purchase of the voucher may be subject to alterations, including the prices related to the time when the services provided by Casa Timiş are provided.

The rates for services covered by the voucher will be those applicable at the time of reservation, in terms of accommodation and those applicable on the day of booking at the time of presentation of the person in the Restaurant, Terrace and Wine Cellar.

Vouchers cannot be combined with other possible offers available.

The unused amount on the voucher loses its validity if it is not used under the terms and conditions indicated above, and is not subject to refund.

Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash, but they can be transferred to another person who will benefit from the services provided by Casa Timiş under the same conditions.

The voucher’s holder will not be able to get money back after using the voucher. If the value of the services is higher than the value of the voucher, the difference can be paid by any means of payment, including at the reception. If the value of the services is lower than the value of the voucher, the difference may be used during the validity period of the voucher for the advance or the full payment of another service.

The voucher is a document to the bearer, the responsibility for using it is exclusively to the owner. Casa Timiş will not replace it in case of loss.

To pay vouchers purchased on-line can be done by bank card or through Netopia MobilPay (www.mobilpay.ro). Accepted payment cards are: VISA (including Electron), MasterCard (including Maestro) or any other bank card issued under the VISA or MasterCard logo.

Any change and / or cancellation of reservation of services will be sent in writing to the following e-mail address: contact@casatimis.ro or by phone: 0723.682.568. Modification of services is subject to the approval of the accommodation unit.

The reserved services may be canceled as follows:

  • without penalty, if cancellation occurs at least 30 days before the date of booking;
  • with a penalty in the amount of 50% of the value of the first night of accommodation, if the cancellation takes place less than 14 days before the date of the reservation;
  • with a penalty of 100% of the first night’s accommodation if cancellation occurs less than 7 days before the date of booking.

When purchasing the voucher, the customer undertakes to read and accept the Terms and Conditions of Use of vouchers. Counterfeiting vouchers is punishable under applicable law.

The rates for the services provided by Casa Timiş, the accommodation conditions and information regarding the personal data processing can be viewed on the website www.casatimis.ro.

For any information about obtaining and using the voucher, please write to us at contact@casatimis.ro or at 0723.682.568.

Last modified: 20.02.2019