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Why Casa Timiș?

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Discover the relaxation activities

Hiking in the hills. Walking in the vineyard. Bicycle trips. All at The Manor.

Treat yourself to the culinary delights prepared by Chef Adrian Ivanoff. Relax in the lounge with a glass of wine from the vineyard and discover the opportunities for a memorable moment.

Whether you want to relax and discover the cultural monuments and vineyards of the area or you are full of adrenaline, we thought about all the possibilities.

Casa Timiș is a space build to communicate with the past, the present and the future. A restoration project with the ambition of emphasizing the identity of the romanian people.

Why Casa Timiş?

Casa (The House) because beyond the interwar architectural style, meant to take the traveler on a journey of discovering the authentic past. In the center of the Timiş domain, surrounded by the vineyard, the house was built as a nucleus which captures the energies of the terroir from dawn to dusk in its metaphysical dimension.

Timiş because the entire project is an extension of the Timiş family’s values and manifesto to offer the best. A reflection of things well done and, of present and future generations which will perpetuate the spirit of the family.

Why? Because Casa Timiş is about family, a well-conceived consonance between the Timiş family’s values and spirit and the Romanian people’s rich traditions.