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Refined winetasting at The Vineyard

Casa Timiş is located near the Wine Route in Prahova, a route used in the old days by Romanian merchants. Breathtaking views, medieval monasteries, and bohemian mansions urge you to relax, and hills covered by vineyards shield the road.

The area also meets the same geographic and climatic conditions as the Bordeaux and Tuscany regions. Here, the grapes rejoice the sun’s touch, on average, 14 additional days a year compared to other areas. This increases their flavor and perfume making a tastier wine.

The vineyard that nourishes the wine cellar is 5 hectares big, and it cultivates the Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot varieties.

The Casa Timiş Wine

The Casa Timiş wine is stored in the famous “Izvor” tunnel in Sinaia, where the mountain’s energy, constant temperature, and controlled humidity protect the wine’s qualities and help it age.

At Casa Timiş, wine is the bond between people. It is more than alcohol, it’s a living, sensitive, and full-bodied being with whom we can communicate.

Wine is a reflection, an expression of a journey that begins in the vineyard, driven by nature and people. It is an inner experience that tells us stories. The stories of the uniqueness of the terroir, the rain and the sun, the perfume of centuries interwoven with a modern method of grape processing.

Casa Timiș wines are perfect for culinary creations that capture the burning desire of the Romanian people to enjoy life.

We are delighted to walk you through the particularities of Casa Timiş’s wines and share their secrets. Let us guide you through all the nuances from white to red. We’ll be passing through a labyrinth of acacia forest, a flower field, a room full of fragrant velvet with scents of fruits and almonds and a dark red sunset that demands exquisite cheeses and wistful reverie.