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The Mansion: A perfect place a relaxing holiday

Rooted at the beginning of the twentieth century, Mansion Casa Timiş was built by a disciple of architect Ion Mincu. It is a representative example of the Neo-Romanian style. It is located 80 km away from Bucharest to discover its glory and nobility and it’s waiting for you.

The house nationalized until the ’90s, underwent an extensive renovation under the guidance of architects Calin Hoinărescu and Elena Costache. They managed to restore the noble spirit of the past, thus creating a perfect setting for memorable moments in a timeless atmosphere. The personalization of each moment, the anticipation of every desire and the family spirit, will make you feel at home.

Due to its location, The Timiş Estate has become one of the favorite destinations of those who want a quick escape from the city. We await you with special dishes, refined wines and memories waiting to be born.

The style and the personality of the Manor subtly reflects a world of indulgence, combining the modern with the traditional. Therefore, your stay at the mansion is a true journey in time.

Casa Timiş, a perfect getaway

Built as a place dedicated solely to the well-being of its guests, at Mansion Casa Timiş every moment is a moment of happiness. Every experience is a celebration of the senses. Sounds and smells interact to help restore the harmony of the body and spirit. We wish to provide guests with an experience based on the attention to detail and expertise from that time.

The Timiş Estate mansion meets all the requirements to be the destination for a relaxing getaway. With an elegant décor, the Timiş Estate incorporates the timeless elegance of the Manor. The view of the fragrant vineyard offers all the contemporary social comfort.

A space of fairy tales and the expression of relaxation and indulgence, the Timiş Mansion is the result of the Romanian creative spirit

The Casa Timiş Team: Excellent services and hospitality

At Casa Timiş House it is very important to work as a unitary team, each of us  complements and supports the others. And this requires more than professional skills. That is why there is no sense of ego at the manor, only passion.

Each element of the Casa Timiş was created with the support of the specialists in our team, people who want to offer exceptional experiences that will surprise through elegance and refinement.

In the kitchen, our desire is to let the ingredients shine. Every day we consciously work to honor the work of those who offer them to us.

So, whether it’s a wedding, a baptism, an anniversary or any other occasion, we’re here to help you create a magical moment that is the beginning of a special chapter in your journey.