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The Timiș Estate

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Casa Timiș: The Manor, The Restaurant, The Vinyard

You have arrived. You raise your head and you realize that you are back time, in another century: interwar Romania with a strong and idealistic character. Your steps take you down an alley with carefully cut grass and your eyes are mesmerized by the parallel lines of Cabernet Sauvignon that oppose the random swinging of the playful grapes.

Here the time flows differently. The clock lines are months and years, not hours and minutes. Nothing hurries you. You try to find words to describe what you feel and cannot. Your senses are awakened, and your imagination provoked. Bohemian Romanian moments that you only saw in pictures come to you mind.

The fresh air keeps you cool and shakes you up from this vision. You want to come in, but the terrace calls your name, and the vineyard seduces you. The grapes speak to you in an archaic dialect that you have not heard before, but now you seem to understand it. They whisper something about a glass of excitement with acacia forests, citrus, a rose stained velvet and an intense red and violet memory of tobacco from the oak barrels.

It is true: In vino veritas.

You leave them behind and come in. Inside the generous, elegant and full of character rooms speak to you distinctly and convincingly of old times and a cuisine with traditional gourmet secrets welcomes you. Here you discover that eating is a real ritual and can be made wherever the guest wishes: in the restaurant, on the terrace or in the wine cellar. Inside the house, the simplicity of nature from the vineyard has been replaced by the alchemy of glass, brick and wood – another kind of purity.

This is the Casa Timiș Estate and now that you have found it, you are part of it. A tribute to the art of taste and passion to live in joy, a reflection of the Timiș family.