• The Baptism – a special event in an unic décor

    Celebrate this unique moment at Casa Timiş

    The baptism is the first social event your child is part of, so we want to turn this beginning into a memorable occasion with the support our team of specialists that will take care of all the details to allow you to fully enjoy this moment.

    Located just 80 km away from Bucharest, the Casa Timiş can facilitate the organisation of the baptism party both indoors and outdoors in one of three locations (terrace, restaurant, wine cellar), each with 70 seats.

    The menu, personalised according to the participants, can vary from meat, vegetarian and children menus, thus satisfying even the most exigent tastes.

    No matter how detailed we try to describe our services and this mystical and timeless space, we can not fully render its energy and charm. We look forward to giving you a guided tour of the property and help you decide that this the perfect place for your child’s story to begin.

    We’re waitign for you with other event ideas.

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