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Theatre, concerts, exhibitions at Casa Timiş

Casa Timiş, the perfect place for hosting artistic events

The entire Casa Timiş domain is built to host social events such as musical auditions, symposiums, exhibitions, or other cultural artistic performances. Whether it’s a private or public event, we are happy to celebrate it together and, of course, to offer you our support from the beginning.

The restaurant, the terrace and the 1925 English Bar, each with 80 seats, create the perfect ambiance for a special party, and Casa Timiș wine and delicious disheswill make you step on our doorstep whenever you want a perfect dining experience.

Do you want to present something memorable and organize a special event? Choosing an inspired location like Casa Timiș is the basis of a successful private event. We offer you our support, from the moment of conceptualization.

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