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Special Events

Fresh air, serenity, refinement and elegance the Timiş Estate is the perfect location for a surprise party, a quiet weekend or any special event in your life.

We also welcome you with your office colleagues in an unforgettable teambuilding

offering you all the comfort, elegance and relaxation you need. The 3 apartments complemented by 7 double rooms will ensure you have the most comfortable stay, and the surroundings are the perfect place for a simple walk or group activities.

The restaurant, the terrace and the 1925 English Bar, each with 80 seats, create the perfect ambiance for a special party, and Casa Timiș wine and delicious dishes will make you step on our doorstep whenever you want a perfect dining experience.

The Casa Timiș Salon, for events of 220 people, classic and elegant, is easy to adapt for several types of events, with gourmet menus, impeccable services and refinement.