Once you have arrived, we want you to truly enjoy the serenity of the property which starts on the terrace. Sheltered by endless rows of vineyard, the terrace awaits you for a well-deserved relaxation. Here, you can also enjoy our well-thought dishes accompanied by refined drinks.

And if you visit us in mid autumn, when the essence of the sweet grapes perfumes the air, the charm of the terrace is unmatched.


A restaurant with exquisite wines complemented by a traditional menu with a gourmet touch


At Casa Timiş you can discover a wine cellar with a prestigious wine choice that is complemented by a traditional menu with a gourmet touch. The dishes, once tasted, will be a memory of the well-spent time here.

Simple and sophisticated ingredients are combined to create a unique palette of tastes and aromas that reflects the fresh food, cooked with love and a lot of skill.