A journey of flavors


Adrian Ivanoff: The portrait of a chef


Adrian Ivanoff discovered his passion for gastronomy ten years ago and since then has continued to be self-taught in this journey of cultivating and exploring tastes, senses and flavors. With perfect attention to detail, Chef Adrian believes in the passion and soul reflected in each of his dishes that he raises to the rank of pure art.

Like an architect, Adrian Ivanoff combines familiar flavors of traditional Romanian cuisine with the flair of a Mediterranean cuisine specialist, mastering both classic and imaginative cuisine in a refined kitchen with respect for both the seasons and the products.

A restaurant with exquisite wines complemented by a traditional menu with a gourmet touch


At Casa Timiş you can discover a wine cellar with a prestigious wine choice that is complemented by a traditional menu with a gourmet touch. The dishes once tasted, will be a memory of the well-spent time here.

Simple and sophisticated ingredients are combined to create a unique palette of tastes and aromas that reflect the fresh food, cooked with love and a lot of skill.

We want to fall in love once again with the authentic Romanian taste. The expression of a nation and its entire history is the essence of this restaurant. As an extension of the past, this created the menu that will delight with fine dining, in a fairytale-like atmosphere. Each menu is a work of art, each taste is a sublime experience.