Casa TIMIȘ is a trusted DEKRA accredited location: certification for strict health and safety standards

Casa Timis is DEKRA certified for the application of the strictest health and safety standards

Casa Timiș has received the DEKRA certification which confirms that all safety measures against the spread of COVID-19 are perfectly implemented and comply with the international health standards of the World Health Organization and local institutions.

What does DEKRA certification mean?

The German auditing company DEKRA is one of the most important in the world. It has been working in the field of safety for over 90 years in over 60 countries. The organization provides qualified and independent expertise in the field of safety against the spread of COVID-19.

Casa Timiș is among the only locations in the HORECA field that has this certification confirming the implementation of all measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 throughout the activity of Casa Timiș, informing and communicating the measures to all employees and guests, supplier control of beverages and service providers.

“The safety of our guests and employees is a priority for us, regardless of the crisis generated by the pandemic. In this regard, I would like to mention that at Casa Timiș, we have always put the health safety of staff and guests at the forefront. Since its opening, in 2018, we use ozone generators in all areas of the unit, as a method of disinfecting air and water – ozone is currently considered, both in human and industrial medical areas, being the most effective anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal. In addition to complying with the required rules (testing the arrival temperature of employees and guests, wearing a mask permanently, and disinfecting hands), we added as an additional method of disinfection of all spaces, nebulization with hydrogen peroxide, a method used in rooms surgery – this is a biodegradable disinfectant with action-bactericidal, fungicidal, sporicidal, virucidal, along with sterilizing all small areas with UV lamp.
Now, more than ever, we are grateful for the safety and purity offered by the framework we are in, on the 140-hectare estate we own, and everything that can be controlled by us, through additional security measures. , is an extra benefit that our guests can enjoy every visit. The unique nature offered by the living amphitheater that surrounds us, by the vineyard that protects us and by our entire outdoor area, rich in vitamin NP- Pure Nature, creates a safe space that we offer to all our guests.”

declares Cristina Timiș, CEO of Casa Timiș

“This year, we plan to open a resort with a capacity of 15 houses, with 2 apartments each, a SPA of 800 sqm and a park with multiple attractions.”

reveals Cristina Timiș.